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Feb 17, 2022 by Trend In Stars team

Review of Midea 1.5 Ton 5 Star Inverter Split AC (Copper, MAI18SR5R30F0, Santis Pro Ryl Inverter AC R32, White)

Key Features:

1.5 Tons

5 Star

Anti Bacterial Filter

Copper Coil


Midea MAI18SR5R30F0 Review

This powerful Midea MAI18SR5R30F0 AC comes with an Inverter Compressor, with Varied Speed Motor which runs at a different speed according to the cooling requirement and hence offers several benefits over non-inverter compressor like fast cooling, consistent temperature and less electricity consumption. Inverter Compressor produce less vibration, so are more durable, requires less maintenance and makes very less noise. This model comes with a powerful cooling capacity of 1.5 Tons, which makes it suitable for medium sized room or office space up to 150 square feet in normal scenarios.

This AC is equipped with dual filters. Electrostatic Dust Filter

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Brand Midea
Model MAI18SR5R30F0
Energy Efficiency 5 Star Rating
Capacity 1.5 Tons
Annual Energy Consumption 848.99 Kilowatt Hours
Noise Level 42 dB
Installation Type Split System
Part Number MAI18SR5R30F0
Special Features Inverter, Antibacterial_coating, Dust_filter, Dehumidifier
Colour White
Control Console Remote Control
Voltage 230 Volts
Material Plastic
Included Components 1N ODU , 1N Interconnecting Pipe, 1N IDU, 1N Remote, 2N Battery, 1N Remote Holder, 3N Manuals, 1N Interconnecting wire
Batteries Included Yes
Batteries Required No
Battery Cell Type Alkaline
Manufacturer Carrier Midea India Private Limited


  • High Ambient Working at 52 Deg. C- Get ready for powerful cooling with the Midea air conditioner. The Air Conditioner works uninterruptedly even at high ambient temperature of 52°C
  • 36 Ft. Airthrow- Midea Air Conditioner have maximum air flow range. The 2 Ton variant has maximum air flow range of 36 ft.
  • Dual Filteration- Midea Air Conditioners are equipped with dual filters. Electrostatic Dust Filter provides improved filtration by removing the dust particles and other pollutants more effectively than the conventional filters.Silver Nano filter exhibits anti bacterial and anti viral properties. This filter not only deactivates the bacteria/virus but also inhibits their growth.
  • Follow Me- When this feature is activated, the inbuilt room sensor of the remote control gets activated. This allows the air conditioner to adjust the ambient temperature around the remote control.
  • My Mode- My Mode allows you to save your preferred temperature, fan speed settings and activate them at the click of a button.
  • Sleep Mode- This function automatically increases the temperature by 1°C per hour for the first two hours, then holds steady for the next six hours, then finally switches off the AC. As a result, this energy saving mode gives you a comfortable 8-hour sleep.
  • Auto Cleanser- When this function is activated, the indoor unit first operates in cooling mode with a low fan speed. During this period, the condensed water takes the dust from the evaporator fins away. It then returns to fan-only mode and blows away the wet air. This whole process disinfects the indoor unit and ensures that all traces of bacteria are removed.
  • Turbo Mode- With the fastest pull down time Turbo Mode quickly cools the room and gives the desired room temperature.
  • Low Refrigerant Detection- This alert gives the notification if the refrigerant in air conditioner is low.
  • 100% Copper- Midea air conditioner features a 100% copper condenser, which lets you benefit from daily energy savings, thanks to its low maintenance costs.
  • Backlit Remote- For ease of operating the remote during night, Midea air conditioners come with backlit remote.
  • Easy Installation- Midea’s all easy series has a strong installation plate which provides lots of space for piping/wiring connection and a better wiring terminal thereby reducing the installation time.

Midea MAI18SR5R30F0 Trends & Statistics

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Significantly large number of verified buyer (39 to be precise) have rated this Midea MAI18SR5R30F0 model at 4 out of 5 which indicates that all those customers overall loved it after personally using it.

Overall Rating*    (39 reviews)

4 out of 5

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Currenty ranking at 370th position in Amazons Best Selling Air Conditioners in India. This model is the least popular among the alternatives available with similar set of features.




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Alternatives With Set Of Similar Features

Undoubtedly Midea MAI18SR5R30F0 is one of the best Split Air Conditioners model currently available in the market but there are alternatives available too and you can consider those in place of this product. We have anaysed 205 latest best selling Split Air Conditioners and came up with below suggestions which are offering more or less similar features.

Daikin FTKG50TV offers same features but is more popular (rank #29) compare to this Midea MAI18SR5R30F0 (rank #370) model.

Daikin FTKF50TV points to higher customer satisfaction (4.1 Stars) compare to this Midea MAI18SR5R30F0 (4 Stars) model.

Panasonic CS/CU-NU18WKYW will give you extra key features at almost same price. You will be getting Wi-Fi Smart features extra.

Sanyo SI/SO-15T5SCIC will give you same set of key features at cheaper price.

Daikin 1.5 Ton 5 Star Inverter Split AC (Copper, Anti Microbial Filter, 2020 Model, FTKG50TV, White)

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1.5 Tons 5 Star Copper Coil Inverter PM 2.5

Midea as Split Air Conditioners brand

Midea is China origin brand and is selling really good quality of Split Air Conditioners in India. Midea Group is a Chinese electrical appliance manufacturer

Based on 500 reviews of 4 Midea Split Air Conditioners we can on average say that, they are rated parameter

Customer satisfaction reflecting from review rating (avg 4 stars) by verified buyers shows that the Midea Split Air Conditioners provide Better customer satisfaction than its competitors like Voltas, Whirlpool and other in this category.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much room size does this 1.5 Tons AC cover?

This 1.5 Tons AC will cover room size upto 250 sq.ft. in normal scenarios. You should consider going for higher capacity AC if your place is going to be crowded or have more number of heat generating appliances or big windows in the direction where direct sunlight is expected.

Should I buy a 4 star AC instead of this 5 star AC?

It all depends on your usage. If you are going to use it for most of the time in a day then go for 5 Star AC. But if that is not the case and you are planning to use this AC for lesser hours lets say only overnight then you can consider going with 4 Star AC as well. It will save you money on initial cost.

Does having an Inverter Compressor is better and what difference will it make?

Inverter AC is more energy efficient and will save you money on monthly bills. Inverter air conditioner consumes 30 to 50% less energy than a non-inverter AC. Surely the AC with Inverter Compressor is much more costlier than the non Inverter one.

How much is the warranty on this product?

1 year on product, 1 year on condenser, 10 years on compressor


So if you are looking for a best Split Air Conditioners for room size upto 250 sq.ft. with High usage and high energy efficiency then Midea MAI18SR5R30F0 is right for you. It offers durability and all weather endurance with the help of copper coil. Air purification feature ensures that you and your loved ones are breathing healthy air. Inverter compressor ensures this AC goes easy on your pocket by reducing your monthly electricity bills. Midea MAI18SR5R30F0 is one of best setting product available online in its category and is Popular among buyers. It will surely give you Good satisfaction.