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Feb 17, 2022 by Trend In Stars team

Review of Croma 1.5 Ton 3 Star Split Inverter AC (Copper, CRAC7706, White) (2021 Model) with Free Installation

Key Features:

1.5 Tons

3 star

Copper Coil


PM 2.5

CROMA CRAC7706 Review

This latest 2021 Croma CRAC7706 comes with an Inverter Compressor that offers several benefits over non-inverter compressor like fast cooling, consistent temperature and less electricity consumption. Inverter Compressor produce less vibration, so are more durable, requires less maintenance and makes very less noise. This model comes with a powerful cooling capacity of 1.5 Tons, which makes it suitable for medium sized room or office space up to 150 square feet in normal scenarios.

Another major feature of this AC is its PM 2.5 air filter that purifies air by removing odors, allergens, dust and other harmful particles and makes the indoor air fresh and healthy for you to breathe in. This AC comes with the energy efficiency rating of 3 Stars, with 1295.45 Units of Annual Energy Consumption make this AC moderately energy efficient and perfect for those whose usage in a day is not that high. This AC’s condenser coil is made from 100% copper which enhances heat exchange, increases efficiency and lasts long in all weather conditions with minimum maintenance. Its blue fins provide exceptional durability for the air conditioner in typical Indian regions affected from sand, salt, industrial smoke/pollutant and hence increases the life of air conditioner. Use of the the R-32 refrigerant means that this AC emits fewer greenhouse gases and requires less refrigerant volume to operate.

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Energy Efficiency 3 star rating
Capacity 1.5 Tons
Installation Type Split System
Part Number CRAC7706
Special Features Auto Restart, Sleep Mode, Turbo Mode
Colour White
Voltage 230 Volts
Batteries Included No
Batteries Required No
Country of Origin India


  • 100% Copper Condenser- This window AC from Croma comes equipped with 100% copper condenser which makes it more durable, easier to clean, repair and maintain. Copper condenser provides faster cooling and maintains a longer life of the AC.
  • 3 Star Rating- This Split Inverter AC boasts an ISEER rating of 3.85 star, making it best in class energy efficient AC. While the star rating reduces after each year, but the 3 star rating of this Croma AC will be continued in 2021 also, so you don’t have to worry about enormous electricity bill this year or the next.
  • Blue Evaporator Fins- Blue Fins act as an anti-corrosive shield that helps in protecting the heat exchangers from harsh climatic conditions. It increases the cooling performance, durability and long term life of the air conditioner; protecting it against rust, dust, salt and water.
  • Energy Efficient Inverter Rotary Compressor- It comes with energy efficient inverter rotary compressor that can automatically adjust the speed of the compressor depending on the heat load. As a result, it offers faster cooling along with energy-efficient noiseless operation.
  • Hidden Display- The Hidden LED Display of this Croma AC gives a high priority to your comfort and makes sure that you have a peaceful sleep in the night without being bothered by the glowing light that emits from other ACs devoid of this feature. The light will only be visible when you press the button of the remote, which also helps in viewing the details with complete clarity.
  • Modes- Turbo, Dry, Auto, Sleep, Cool- What’s more comforting than an immediate rush of cool air on a hot and humid day! The Turbo Mode feature instant cools down the room. The auto mode cools the room based on the outside temperature. The cool mode is the manual mode of cooling where you set a particular temperature. In sleep mode, the AC will turn off or stay quietly functioning at comfortable temperature.
  • PM 2.5 Filter- The rapid industrialization and burning of fuel for various purposes result in heavy pollution and worsening of air quality. Under such conditions, most electronic products are susceptible to damage. This Croma AC has a PM 2.5 Filter, which filters out the harmful air particles in the room.
  • R-32 Refrigerant- This AC comes with an R-32 refrigerant which makes it a greener alternative to the regular AC refrigerant. R-32 is less toxic, has no ozone depletion potential and is easier to reuse and recycle. Also using the R-32 refrigerant helps in reducing the size of the outdoor units of the AC, which enables us to place the unit in a hassle-free manner and to save a good deal of space.

CROMA CRAC7706 Trends & Statistics

Reviews by verified buyer helps!

24 verified buyers peronally used it and overall liked this CROMA CRAC7706 model as the review rating of 3.8 out of 5 suggests.

Overall Rating*    (24 reviews)

3.8 out of 5

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Price range of models with similar set of features varies from ₹27,499 to ₹38,490. Current price ₹30,990 of this model is within this price range and is 6.47% lower than the average price.



₹30,990 as of 17/02/2022 10:34PM IST

See how much CROMA CRAC7706 is popular compared to its alternatives!

This CROMA CRAC7706 model is one of Amazon's Best Selling Split Air Conditioners and it is currenly 125th best selling Air Conditioners in india. Compared to the popularity of its alternatives with a similar set of features, this model is moderately popular among buyers. 




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Alternatives With Set Of Similar Features

Undoubtedly CROMA CRAC7706 is one of the best Split Air Conditioners model currently available in the market but there are alternatives available too and you can consider those in place of this product. We have anaysed 205 latest best selling Split Air Conditioners and came up with below suggestions which are offering more or less similar features.

Carrier ESKO NEO INV R32 (I011) CAI18EK3R39F0 offers same features but is more popular (rank #97) compare to this CROMA CRAC7706 (rank #125) model.

Panasonic CS/CU-SU18WKYW will give you extra key features at almost same price. You will be getting Wi-Fi Smart features extra.

Godrej GIC 18YTC3-WTA points to higher customer satisfaction (4 Stars) compare to this CROMA CRAC7706 (3.8 Stars) model.

AmazonBasics SOL18FS3 will give you same set of key features at cheaper price. It will save you ₹3,491 on purchase price.

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CROMA as Split Air Conditioners brand

CROMA is India origin brand and is selling really good quality of Split Air Conditioners in India. A subsidiary of the Tata Group, runs Cromā stores in India which is a retail chain for consumer electronics and durables.

Based on 220 reviews of 3 CROMA Split Air Conditioners we can on average say that, they are rated Better on Noise Level, Better on Energy efficiency, Better on Value for money and Good on Remote Control parameter

Customer satisfaction reflecting from review rating (avg 3.73 stars) by verified buyers shows that the CROMA Split Air Conditioners provide Better customer satisfaction than its competitors like Livpure and other in this category.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much room size does this 1.5 Tons AC cover?

This 1.5 Tons AC will cover room size upto 250 sq.ft. in normal scenarios. You should consider going for higher capacity AC if your place is going to be crowded or have more number of heat generating appliances or big windows in the direction where direct sunlight is expected.

Does having an Inverter Compressor is better and what difference will it make?

Inverter AC is more energy efficient and will save you money on monthly bills. Inverter air conditioner consumes 30 to 50% less energy than a non-inverter AC. Surely the AC with Inverter Compressor is much more costlier than the non Inverter one.

How much is the warranty on this product?


So if you are looking for a best Split Air Conditioners for room size upto 250 sq.ft. with occasional usage and high energy efficiency then CROMA CRAC7706 is right for you. It offers durability and all weather endurance with the help of copper coil. Air purification feature ensures that you and your loved ones are breathing healthy air. Inverter compressor ensures this AC goes easy on your pocket by reducing your monthly electricity bills. CROMA CRAC7706 is one of best setting product available online in its category and is Popular among buyers. It will surely give you Good satisfaction.