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Feb 17, 2022 by Trend In Stars team

Review of Croma 1.5 Ton 3 Star Window AC (Copper, CRAC1152, White) with Free Installation

Key Features:

1.5 Tons

3 Star

Copper Coil

CROMA CRAC1152 Review

This powerful Window AC from Croma delivers fresh cool air in your living space with its 1.5 ton cooling capacity making it suitable for rooms smaller than 150 sq. ft. if the ambient temperature in your place doesn’t rise too high. It has an energy-efficient rotary compressor that makes this AC silent and efficient due to its smooth rotational and decreased friction as well as vibration. Also, it ensures low consumption of electricity. The 100% copper components make these air conditioners long-lasting and durable. The copper metal used in the manufacturing of condenser coils ensures efficient heat transfer and translates into effective cooling. This air conditioner comes with R32 refrigerant which has 0 ozone depletion potential and low global warming potential. This coolant also helps you get powerful cooling and saves energy at higher ambient temperatures compared to other coolants. This synergy of environmental friendliness, cooling and energy efficiency makes this air conditioner the right choice for you.

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Model CRAC1152
Energy Efficiency 3 Star
Capacity 1.5 Tons
Installation Type Window
Part Number CRAC1152
Special Features Anti Bacteria Filter, Copper Condenser, Energy Saving Mode
Colour White
Voltage 230 Volts
Included Components Main Unit, Remote, User Manual
Batteries Included No
Batteries Required No
Manufacturer CROMA
Country of Origin India


  • - It is fitted with 100% copper condenser coil. Coils are in charge for transmitting heat. As compared to aluminium, copper have better heat transfer efficiency, durability and easy to maintain. It ensures faster cooling and longer life of the air conditioner.
  • - The sleep mode assures that you sleep comfortably in the night by reducing the cooling temperature as the atmospheric temperature is naturally cooler. This ensures the energy consumption is also reduced. The Turbo Mode is designed to give your instant relief from the heat. It instantly cools the room giving you the best comfort.
  • - The uncomfortable heat of the summer makes our lives difficult. To respond to the problem of summer times, an AC proves to be our saving grace. This 1.5 Ton 3 Star Window AC from Croma makes sure that you feel extremely comfortable, and it will also ensure with its energy efficiency, that it is environment as well as pocket friendly. It features sleep and turbo mode to deliver comfort and efficient cooling.
  • - This 3 star window AC comes with an R-32 refrigerant. This is a greener alternative to the regular AC refrigerant available in the market. R-32 is less toxic, has no ozone depletion potential and is easier to reuse and recycle.
  • - This has an energy-efficient inverter rotary compressor that is known for its silent and efficient operational capabilities. The smooth rotational of the rotary compressor decrease friction as well as vibration. Also, it ensures low consumption of electricity.
  • - With over a decade of retailing experience, we at Croma, have come to understand the needs and aspirations of India better. This is because people have time and again upgraded their lifestyles and changed products at Croma over these years. Owing to this and our deep engagement with technology enabled us to curate a line of products that carry the latest features at accessible prices.

CROMA CRAC1152 Trends & Statistics

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Significantly large number of verified buyer (99 to be precise) have rated this CROMA CRAC1152 model at 3.8 out of 5 which indicates that all those customers overall liked it after personally using it.

Overall Rating*    (99 reviews)

3.8 out of 5

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Current price ₹24,990 is the cheapest in the models with a similar set of features. The price range of such models is between ₹24,990 and ₹28,200.



₹24,990 as of 17/02/2022 10:33PM IST

See how much CROMA CRAC1152 is popular compared to its alternatives!

This CROMA CRAC1152 model made its way to the top best selling Window Air Conditioners and is currently ranking at 78th position in Air Conditioners in India. Compared to the popularity of its alternatives with a similar set of features, this model is moderately popular among buyers. 




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Alternatives With Set Of Similar Features

Undoubtedly CROMA CRAC1152 is one of the best Window Air Conditioners model currently available in the market but there are alternatives available too and you can consider those in place of this product. We have anaysed 45 latest best selling Window Air Conditioners and came up with below suggestions which are offering more or less similar features.

Carrier ESTRA NEO R32 CAW18SN3R39F0 will give you extra key features at almost same price. You will be getting PM 2.5 features extra.

Voltas 183CYA/183 CZP offers same features but is more popular (rank #36) compare to this CROMA CRAC1152 (rank #78) model.

Haier HWU18C-CV3CNB1 points to higher customer satisfaction (4.2 Stars) compare to this CROMA CRAC1152 (3.8 Stars) model.

Carrier 1.5 Ton 3 Star Window AC (Copper, PM 2.5 Filter, 2019 Model, CAW18SN3R39F0 White)

Carrier ESTRA NEO R32 CAW18SN3R39F0

1.5 Tons 3 Star Copper Coil PM 2.5
Voltas 1.5 Ton 3 Star Window AC (Copper 183CYA/183 CZP White)

Voltas 183CYA/183 CZP

1.5 Tons 3 Star Copper Coil
Haier 1.5 Ton 3 Star Window AC (Copper, HWU18C-CV3CNB1, White)

Haier HWU18C-CV3CNB1

1.5 Tons 3 Star Copper Coil

CROMA as Window Air Conditioners brand

CROMA is India origin brand and is selling really good quality of Window Air Conditioners in India. A subsidiary of the Tata Group, runs Cromā stores in India which is a retail chain for consumer electronics and durables.

Based on 242 reviews of 3 CROMA Window Air Conditioners we can on average say that, they are rated Better on Value for money, Better on Sleep mode, Better on Energy efficiency and Better on Noise Level parameter

Customer satisfaction reflecting from review rating (avg 3.93 stars) by verified buyers shows that the CROMA Window Air Conditioners provide Better customer satisfaction than its competitors like OGENERAL and other in this category.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much room size does this 1.5 Tons AC cover?

This 1.5 Tons AC will cover room size upto 250 sq.ft. in normal scenarios. You should consider going for higher capacity AC if your place is going to be crowded or have more number of heat generating appliances or big windows in the direction where direct sunlight is expected.

Should I buy a 4 star AC instead of this 3 Star AC?

It all depends on your usage. If you are planning to use this AC only for a few hours in a day then stick to this 3 Star AC as it will save you money on initial cost. If you are going to use it for longer hours like overnight then go for 4 Star AC.

How much is the warranty on this product?


So if you are looking for a best Window Air Conditioners for room size upto 250 sq.ft. with Moderate usage then CROMA CRAC1152 is right for you. It offers durability and all weather endurance with the help of copper coil. CROMA CRAC1152 is one of best setting product available online in its category and is Very Popular among buyers. It will surely give you Good satisfaction.