Best LG Grill Microwave Ovens In India 2021!

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Nov 26, 2021 by Trend In Stars team

Best LG Grill Microwave Ovens In India 2021!

What’s In Trend

1 LG 20 litres 2000 Watts: MH2044DB.DB1QILN


What does current trend indicate?

  • Popularity:- This LG MH2044DB.DB1QILN model made its way to the top best selling Grill Microwave Ovens and is currently ranking at 38th position in Microwave Ovens in India.
  • Satisfaction:- 310 verified buyer have shared their review and gave 4.2 stars out of 5 after personally using this LG MH2044DB.DB1QILN model. This star rating strongly suggests that all those buyers loved this product.
  • Performance:- Review comments post usage of this product by verified buyer is suggesting good user satisfaction level and at the same time it points to good performing product from all aspects.

Key Features:

  • Anti Bacteria Cavity- It reduces bacteria growth inside the cavity and hence avoids odour formation. It also helps in easy cleaning.
  • Autocook Menu- Autocook menu comes with preset menu. Just select the dish you want to cook, press ‘Start’ and get something new.
  • Healthy and Tasty Cooking- Enjoy yummy food at home with this microwave along with the controlled heating option.
  • Intellowave Technology- Intellowave technology ensures faster and healthier cooking.
  • Keep Warm- Keeps food at just the right temperature for up to 90 minutes.
  • Quartz Heater- The concealed heater eliminates the risk of any form of hand injury. Faster but also safer to use, it gives you an advantage of making large portions in one go.

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4.2 out of 5

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Buyer's Guide


Capacity or Volume of a Microwave Oven is measured in litres and it suggests how much food it can heat in one go.


Wattage indicate how powerful the Microwave Oven is and how fast it can heat the food.

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