Best 93 Litres Mini Refrigerators In India 2024!

Buyer’s Guide, Review & Recommendation!

Jan 01, 2024 by Trend In Stars team

Best 93 Litres Mini Refrigerators In India 2024!
Small, budget-friendly and energy efficiency are few prefect words to describe Mini Refrigerator. We analyzed most popular Mini Refrigerator by their features, functioning, values it offer, purchase trend, reviews etc and came up with the list of best Mini Refrigerator that you can buy.

What’s In Trend

Let’s first take a look at what latest is happening in the world of Refrigerators and what are all the things we should look for in our purchase so we don’t go off trend.

Inverter Compressor is for better cooling and efficient use of electricity that will save you money in the long run by lowering your electricity bills.

Convertible Refrigerator allows the freezer section to be converted to the fridge when needed or turn off the freezer or fridge section independently when either one is not needed.

The StayCool In Power Cut feature keeps the food and drinks cool for a couple of hours during electricity cuts which is very common in many parts of India.

Smartness is also trending so look for a Wi-Fi enabled Refrigerator that you can connect with your Home Automation System and program/operate from anywhere using your Smartphone.

Undoubtedly everyone’s choice of Refrigerator will be different and is generally driven based on features that are actually required and surely money we are willing to spend.So here is the list of best and currently trending Single Door Refrigerators available in the market.

1 Midea 2 Star 93 litres: MDRD142FGF03

The Midea Refrigerator (MDRD142FGF03) is a reliable and practical cooling appliance that brings convenience to your kitchen. It's designed with user-friendly features that cater to your everyday needs.

One notable feature is its ability to work without the need for a stabilizer, providing added peace of mind during voltage fluctuations. This ensures that your refrigerator remains protected even when power conditions are less than ideal.

The door lock feature adds an extra layer of security, preventing unauthorized access to your fridge's contents. Adjustable legs allow you to set up the refrigerator level on uneven surfaces, ensuring stability.

The big bottle rack is a thoughtful addition, providing ample space for storing larger bottles and beverages. The recessed handle adds a touch of style to the design, while the reversible door allows you to customize the refrigerator's orientation to suit your kitchen layout.

In summary, the Midea Refrigerator (MDRD142FGF03) offers reliability, security, and convenience. Its features are designed to make your daily life easier and more efficient, making it a great addition to any kitchen.

What does current trend indicate?

  • Price:- Current price ₹9,990 of this model sounds reasonable when we consider quality and unique set of features it offers and compare it with models from other brands with similar features.
  • Popularity:- This Midea MDRD142FGF03 model made its way to the top best selling Mini Refrigerators and is currently ranking at 207th position in Refrigerators in India.
  • Satisfaction:- 296 verified buyers peronally used it and overall liked this Midea MDRD142FGF03 model as the review rating of 3.9 out of 5 suggests.
  • Performance:- Review comments post usage of this product by verified buyer is suggesting good user satisfaction level and at the same time it points to good performing product from all aspects. The aspect people like the most is its Temperature control.

Key Features:

Popularity Check compared to its alternatives


Alternatives with similar features

Price:  ₹9,990as of 01-01-2024 10:50PM IST

Overall Rating*    (296 reviews)

3.9 out of 5

What do people say **

  • "Good"
  • "Good"
  • "Very good product super cooling fridge"
  • "Please note, There is NO LED Light as they have shown in the image of this item."
  • "Silent, super, but LED light missing"
  • "value for money"
  • "Makes ice, doesn't have light, have chiller tray"
  • "Best mini fridge"
  • "Midea mini fridge"
  • "Mini Acha he"

Buyer's Guide

This type of refigerators are extremely energy efficient, and has high cooling ability, low electricity waste. Also ensures compact storage facility.

Refer to our complete Buyer's Guide created to help you understand each and every aspect of Refrigerators you are planning to buy.

Brands In Trend

Ever wondered which all brands are selling Mini Refrigerators in india? Here is list of Top Mini Refrigerators brands available in india

Service and Maintenance

Essentially, service and maintenance is what you get regularly done on your appliance to make sure it stays in fighting form. Here are custmer service numbers that you can call or message to get required help.

  • Midea: Phone. 1-800-572-5533

Frequently Asked Questions


If your cooling need is very limited and you want something that is compact and energy efficient then Mini refrigerators are right for you.