Best 46 Litres Mini Refrigerators In India 2023!

Buyer’s Guide, Review & Recommendation!

Nov 08, 2023 by Trend In Stars team

Best 46 Litres Mini Refrigerators In India 2023!
Small, budget-friendly and energy efficiency are few prefect words to describe Mini Refrigerator. We analyzed most popular Mini Refrigerator by their features, functioning, values it offer, purchase trend, reviews etc and came up with the list of best Mini Refrigerator that you can buy.

What’s In Trend

Let’s first take a look at what latest is happening in the world of Refrigerators and what are all the things we should look for in our purchase so we don’t go off trend.

Inverter Compressor is for better cooling and efficient use of electricity that will save you money in the long run by lowering your electricity bills.

Convertible Refrigerator allows the freezer section to be converted to the fridge when needed or turn off the freezer or fridge section independently when either one is not needed.

The StayCool In Power Cut feature keeps the food and drinks cool for a couple of hours during electricity cuts which is very common in many parts of India.

Smartness is also trending so look for a Wi-Fi enabled Refrigerator that you can connect with your Home Automation System and program/operate from anywhere using your Smartphone.

Undoubtedly everyone’s choice of Refrigerator will be different and is generally driven based on features that are actually required and surely money we are willing to spend.So here is the list of best and currently trending Single Door Refrigerators available in the market.

1 Hisense 4 Star 46 litres: RR46D4SBN

The Hisense Refrigerator (RR46D4SBN) is a compact and efficient cooling solution that offers great value for your money. Despite its small size, this refrigerator is big on features and functionality.

One of its notable features is the 2-star energy rating, which ensures that it's economical to run, helping you save on energy costs. Plus, with a 10-year compressor warranty, you can have confidence in its durability.

Despite its compact size, this fridge is cleverly designed to maximize storage space. It comes with a bottle bin that can hold 2-liter bottles, so you can keep your beverages neatly organized. The wire shelf is another handy addition, allowing you to arrange your items conveniently.

The Chiller Zone is a standout feature, ensuring that your items stay perfectly chilled, even in a small fridge. This is particularly useful for storing items that need to be kept at a lower temperature.

Additionally, the reversible door design adds a modern touch and increases accessibility. You can adjust the door to open from either the right or the left, depending on your kitchen layout and preference.

In summary, the Hisense Refrigerator (RR46D4SBN) is a space-saving and feature-rich appliance. It's ideal for small households, offices, or as an additional fridge. Its energy efficiency, durability, and thoughtful design make it a practical choice.

What does current trend indicate?

  • Price:- Current price ₹7,990 of this model sounds reasonable when we consider quality and unique set of features it offers and compare it with models from other brands with similar features.
  • Popularity:- This Hisense RR46D4SBN model is one of Best Selling Mini Refrigerators and it is currenly 17th best selling Refrigerators in india.
  • Satisfaction:- 318 verified buyer have shared their review and gave 4.1 stars out of 5 after personally using this Hisense RR46D4SBN model. This star rating strongly suggests that all those buyers loved this product.
  • Performance:- Review comments post usage of this product by verified buyer is suggesting good user satisfaction level and at the same time it points to good performing product from all aspects. The aspect people like the most is its Temperature control.

Key Features:

  • "Rest Easy With Heavy Loads"- The Tempered Glass Shelves are strong enough to carry heavier loads. In the process of cleaning or moving them, even if they are accidentally dropped, the glass shelf will remain intact, leaving no harm to anyone in the family.
  • 2L Beverage Storage- A Big door shelf lets you safely store larger items inside the door. It can handle bulky cartons of milk and juice. So it releases shelf space and is of benefit to parties.
  • Adjustable Legs- Adjustable levelling legs provide stability on uneven floors.
  • Get All Handled in One-Line- Unlike conventional handle designs, the handle on this product series takes a new design, which becomes a single streamlined handle, making it more convenient to access and use.
  • Low Noise- With an excellent built-in fan and compressor system, this model promises more stable performance and low noise levels, which provides you with a quiet, peaceful living environment.
  • Reversible Door- The door can be opened from the right or left, according to the design of the kitchen, and you can choose the way it fits you most.

Popularity Check compared to its alternatives


Alternatives with similar features

Price:  ₹7,990

Overall Rating*    (318 reviews)

4.1 out of 5

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Buyer's Guide

This type of refigerators are extremely energy efficient, and has high cooling ability, low electricity waste. Also ensures compact storage facility.

Star Rating

Star Rating represents energy efficiency of a Refrigerator and it is measured on a scale of 1 to 5 stars, with five stars meaning that it's extremely efficient and it will contribute less to electricity bill amount. Considering the fact that the Refrigerator is going to run round the clock and throughout the year, its Star Rating is going to have a significant impact on electricity consumption and money you spend in electricity bills. So one should prefer to go with a higher Energy Star Rating if budget permits.

To add more to it, Energy Rating is issued by Bureau of Energy Efficiency (BEE), an Indian governmental agency working under the Ministry of Power. There are different parameters and formulas used to calculate base value that decides the Energy Rating for different types of Appliances but going that deep is really not necessary for us. 

The only thing that matters to us is the total power consumed by a Refrigerator in a year, for that look for "Electricity Consumption" value given on Star Label. But remember one thing that the electricity efficiency of Refrigerators with the same Energy Rating may vary based on model and brand.

For example, LG's 260L 3-Star models GL-I292RPZL and GL-I292RPZX have different "Electricity Consumption" 194 and 198 units respectively even if they have the same Energy Rating.
Similarly Samsung 192L 2-Star (RR19A241BGS/NL) and Haier 192L 2-Star (HED-191TDS) have different "Electricity Consumption" 203 and 210 units respectively.
 So it is better to compare Refrigerators based on Energy Star Rating and "Electricity Consumption" both before making the final purchase.


When looking for a new Refrigerator, the first thing to consider is the capacity requirement. The capacity requirement may vary according to the family size and purpose of use in some cases. Also look at the fact that the Refrigerator that we are going to buy today will be used for at least a coming decade and your capacity requirement may go up during its lifespan. 

Another fact to consider is that Refrigerator Capacity is the sum of fridge and freezer capacity so make the choice wisely depending on your freezer needs or eating habits. Dezzert lovers or non-vegetarian families may prefer to go for Refrigerator that offers more Freezer space whereas vegetarian families will prefer more fridge space for storing veggies and drinks. 

Below are approximate capacities of the refrigerators as per family size :

  • Bachelors or Couples: 50 liters – 200 liters
  • Family of 3-4 members: 250 liters – 300 liters
  • Family of 4-5 members: 300 liters – 350 liters
  • Family of 6 or more members: 350 liters – 500 liters


Compressor is the main part of the Refrigerator's cooling system and it maintains the required temperatures inside the Refrigerator. There are two types of compressors available in Refrigerators in Indian market. Generally the basic General Compressor is found in small Refrigerators and are comparatively cheaper.

General Compressor - These compressors start running only when temperature inside the Refrigerator goes below the lower threshold level and stops when required level of cooling is reached. Whenever they run, they start off at very high speeds and continue running at a constant speed and hence make noise.

Inverter Compressor - Inverter compressors on other hand runs continuously and adjust its speed speed depending on the amount of cooling required to achieve desired temperature. This makes them silent and more energy-efficient. Inverter Compressors need less maintenance and also extend the compressor's life .

Advantages of Inverter Compressor: 

  • Silent operation
  • Less electricity consumption
  • Superior and consistent cooling
  • Less maintenance
  • Long durability
  • Compatible with Home Inverter or Solar Power system

Disadvantages of Inverter Compressor: 

  • Only disadvantage of Inverter Compressor is its high Initial cost which gets compensated by lowered electricity bill in the long run.


This is one of the most practical features available in Refrigerators which allow you to convert and control the Freezer and Fridge compartments of refrigerator separately as per then need of the season or your own circumstances. This feature not just allows use of entire Refrigerator volume efficiently but also saves on electricity and maintenance charges.

Take an example of Samsung's convertible Refrigerator. This model offers 5-in-1 Convertible feature that allow you to configure and use the Fridge and Freezer as per  your needs . It allows freezer section to be converted to the fridge if you are required to store extra fruits and vegetables into it.You can even turn off the freezer or fridge section independently when either one is not needed.

This feature makes more sense to the families who are vegetarian and do not need a freezer that often. Or to a family whose size is not the same throughout the year like older kids or extended family members are out for study or business purposes.

More and more brands are offering this feature in their new models and one should prefer to buy a model with this feature if budget permits. 

Smart Wi-Fi Enabled

A Smart Refrigerator is one that is Wi-Fi enabled and connected to the internet. Smart Refrigerators come with several practical and convenient features that add a little bit of luxury to your everyday life. At a very basic level, most Smart Refrigerators offer an app that you can install on a smart phone and monitor or control different features of it.

For example, LG's Double Door and Side-By-Side Smart Refrigerators allow you to monitor and adjust the temperature of Freezer or Fridge section separately using its ThinQ App. Same app also allows to run diagnosis incase of any issues and let the technical support team provide precise and quick solutions to the problems using it.

Samsung took the Smartness of Refrigerator to a whole new level and made it the Refrigerator of the future with internal cameras, voice control, touchscreen with loaded app that let you do Food Management, Make and receive phone calls, watch videos and recipes, listen to Music and Radio, maintain Memo, To Do, Shopping List and a lot more.

There are many benefits that a Smart Refrigerator will bring to your family and make your daily life much easier. So it upto you to see if you like to go for a Smart Refrigerator to add luxury to your everyday life at little extra price.

Water Dispenser

The Water Dispenser makes it super convenient to dispense chilled water without having to open the Refrigerator.

Ice Dispenser

The Ice Dispenser makes it super convenient to dispense Ice without having to open the Refrigerator.

Brands In Trend

Ever wondered which all brands are selling Mini Refrigerators in india? Here is list of Top Mini Refrigerators brands available in india

Service and Maintenance

Essentially, service and maintenance is what you get regularly done on your appliance to make sure it stays in fighting form. Here are custmer service numbers that you can call or message to get required help.

  • Hisense:

Frequently Asked Questions


If your cooling need is very limited and you want something that is compact and energy efficient then Mini refrigerators are right for you.